February 1, 2023

Follow these steps to choose your best-for-you internet solution

Photo for Follow these steps to choose your best-for-you internet solution
Getting to the ideal internet solution for your company is a high risk/high-reward process. Your plan must fit your budget, meet your immediate goals and workforce needs, and work for the long-term success of your company. Easy, right?

First, understand the difference between dedicated internet and shared internet solutions

Before you can find the best-for-you internet solution, you have to compare the key difference between dedicated internet and shared internet offerings. Shared internet, like broadband, provides bandwidth up to a specified level. As the name implies, however. it is shared among all subscribers. So, while your subscription plan may be for 100 Mbps, you might only get 100 Mbps at certain times. During peak traffic times, with many users online, you may have far less bandwidth available.

Dedicated internet access guarantees bandwidth at all times. If you are subscribed to a 100 Mpbs connection, you will always have 100 Mbps of speed. It provides predictable service and exceptional performance.

If your company has only a few employees, a shared internet solution might be able to support your company just fine. Larger companies would find more benefit from a direct, unshared connection.

Dedicated internet solutions provides businesses with even more than shared connections:

Fast speeds to handle all your data needs

With dedicated internet solutions, you can expect symmetrical access with upload and download speeds ranging up to 1 Tbps – allowing your business to upload and download data as fast as you need it. If your business operations must keep running quickly to satisfy customers, then a dedicated internet connection might be crucial.

A private connection leads to better security

With a shared internet solution, your business is transmitting data with public users. But with a private connection, you can feel confident the data transmission is highly secure. Dedicated internet connections can protect your business against DDoS attacks, spamming, and other sophisticated intrusion techniques.

The most reliable internet solution for the best business performance

A private internet connection significantly limits service outages. You won’t have to worry about dips in bandwidth speed. You can rest assured that all your business processes and applications can run smoothly and quickly.

Second, partner with wise solution providers who help you select best-for-you internet solutions

For many businesses, a dedicated internet solution is the best route to go. But, to be sure, work with a solution provider like FiberWave to help you select, procure, and deploy your best solution. FiberWave saves your team management time researching the multitude of vendors and products available (is AT&T the best provider for your business? Version? Comcast?) and makes sure your current business applications work with their networks.