October 12, 2022

Make 5 wise decisions to perfect your business wireless plan

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83% of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) said without wireless services they would not be able to achieve their goals. At the same time, 34% of businesses say they lack confidence to identify services and products that maximize benefit for their organization.

No matter where you are on your wireless journey — setting it up for your new business or just shopping around for a better deal — it’s important to take 5 decisions to choose a business wireless plan wisely:

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  1. Insist on a strong Service Level Agreement (SLA) for guaranteed high reliability

Choose a wireless provider who offers at least an SLA of 99.9% or higher*. Because SLAs outline the obligations and responsibilities of the provider to you, you want to understand the commitments around service downtime and support expectations. Be confident your business won’t be severely impacted if and when they go down. Your provider should have a dedicated faults team and a history of  great customer service, so if there is a disruption, you know how you can get services restored quickly.

*Higher than 99.9? Sure. How many 9s will they offer?

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2. Choose services that grow and scale with you

Ensure your contract for wireless services can grow and scale with your business. You want to make sure throughout the contract length you can grow — and even scale down if needed — easily, without penalty.

Likewise, your wireless provider must offer a range of services and products that fit all your business needs. From broadband connections, phone lines, mobile phones, POS (point of sale) devices, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, and more, should all be supported and offered as you need them.

Infographic stating 1.51 billion breaches of IoT devices took place from Jan. to June 2021

3. Demand a full security suite to meet all your regulatory requirements

From January to June 2021, some 1.51 billion breaches of Internet of Things (IoT) devices took place, Kaspersky reported – an increase from 639 million in 2020. Make sure your wireless provider provides you with all the security tools you need to keep your devices safe from attack. Especially in industries where adoption rates of IoT devices are skyrocketing (like in FinTech and Healthcare), you need to ensure your wireless provider can meet all regulatory requirements for security and privacy.

4. Select account management with white glove service

Managing your wireless account can be a distracting, time consuming task. Learning how to understand complex portals, requesting changes (like adding or removing lines), taking advantage of available upgrades, and managing your bills can take up too much of your team’s time. Partner with wireless experts — like FiberWave — who provide white glove service to your wireless management to shield your team from the complexities of managing your hardware, software, contracts and paperwork. Let’s discuss what you need – our team takes care of the rest.
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5. Partner with wireless experts to get the best-for-you wireless solution

FiberWaves’s dedicated team of wireless experts help you get the best wireless solution. And providers. And contracts. And pricing. Talk to us today no matter where you are on your wireless journey — from starting or growing or merging a business – or just looking to save money. Call.