October 1, 2022

SASE: your best solution to protect remote and hybrid workforces

Photo for SASE: your best solution to protect remote and hybrid workforces
The aftermath of the pandemic brought new ways of thinking about workforces. Remote workers are no longer an exception: businesses adapted long-term strategies to embrace remote and hybrid workforces. And while this flexibility brings many benefits, it also presents security challenges and risks that must be addressed. Enter Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).

Here are 5 ways SASE improves security for remote and hybrid workforces:

Granular level visibility into network traffic

Because SASE combines network technology with security services into one product, businesses are able to use a single dashboard to see what’s happening on their network in terms of performance and security.

Gartner has defined this process as observability —  the evolution of monitoring into a process that offers insight into digital business applications, speeds innovation, and enhances customer experience. Observability goes further than monitoring as it not only alerts you when a system isn’t working properly, but allows you to dig deeper into understanding why it isn’t working.

The unification of network and security with SASE makes it much easier for IT teams to gain granular visibility into their networks. You can closely monitor your network and security — and understand sooner if something is not working.

Remote-browser isolation (RBI) for Zero Trust Web Browsing

SASE makes it easy for IT teams to deploy RBI across organizations. Prior to RBI, IT teams had to configure allow-and-deny lists, and develop acceptable use policies (AUP) – time-intensive burdens that needed constant reconfiguration.

RBI allows for zero trust browsing because it assumes all websites could contain malicious code. RBI executes website code in a remote, isolated cloud-based container, sending only safe  information to the browser on the users’ endpoint. That ensures what happens in an employee’s browser stays in the employee’s browser window — malicious attacks cannot infect the computer or spread to the network.

Automations via AIOps for a better bottom line

Imagine: you're faced with a network issue that needs immediate attention. Your IT team must:

  1. Identify the problem.
  2. Determine the cause of the problem.
  3. Hopefully, solve the problem without disrupting or affecting your business.

With SASE and automations from AIOps, many times you can take all three steps before the problem even occurs, without a need for your IT team response.

Now imagine: AI and ML systems preventing an outage so the customer experience isn’t affected. Here’s how it works:

  1. AI and ML systems are gathering and monitoring data on your network.
  2. These systems are analyzing the data to understand what’s happening.
  3. Based on what they are seeing from the data, they can automatically take action and respond to problems.

Now, your IT teams can detect and respond to problems faster — sometimes ahead of time — thanks to artificial intelligence being quicker than human brains.

The cost of not deciding is too expensive

Imagine losing half your company data. Or facing a ransomware demand. Or (as it sometimes happens) both. It’s a danger you can’t wish away, or pretend it costs too much to prevent it. The threats are real, and insurance can be too little, too late. Your best kind of insurance is to never let it happen, and SASE can be a key to your future security. The time to face the consequences is yesterday.
Infographic explaining 60% of small businesses will close within six months of a cyberattack

Improved speeds and connectivity

With a remote or hybrid workforce, the ability to connect and collaborate is vital. SASE enables improved connectivity speeds and reliability. It brings users closer to applications and data they consume — while keeping them secure. Users are allowed to work from everywhere — without compromising performance.

Switch to a SASE Mindset

While the simplicity and benefits of SASE over traditional networking is undeniable, it still requires specific skills to properly design, implement, and configure. You need to partner with SASE networking experts to ensure you take full advantage of all the benefits and features SASE has to offer. FiberWave has a team full of SASE experts ready to help you bring your long-term business strategies to safe and secure life. Talk to us and set up a demo today.