October 7, 2021

The Many Benefits of Managed Cloud Services

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What are Managed Cloud Services?

Managed Cloud Services provides IT management of selected cloud resources and infrastructure, which allows you to control how much you outsource and how much your team handles.

As the cloud industry has exploded over the past decade, more and more businesses are deploying cloud as the backbone for their network, replacing the traditional physical network infrastructure. As the industry is still growing, more and more cloud-native applications are being developed with new tools, including ways to allow legacy applications to be cloud-compatible. With so much constant change, managed cloud service providers (MCSP) offer immense value and knowledge to ensure you are using the latest technology and best practices to meet your business objectives, avoiding new hardware, hiring, and training costs.

Managed cloud services offer a range of private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. They work with you to determine the best-for-you resources for your IT infrastructure, and help you migrate, maintain, and optimize your cloud platform.

To deal with a variety of IT tasks, a MCSP can work with you throughout the cloud solution lifecycle: either help you migrate your network to the cloud, optimize your applications and data for your customized cloud solution, or assist you with continual maintenance.

Benefits of managed cloud services

What are the advantages of choosing a cloud managed services provider?

Cost Optimization and Financial Management

Eliminate the capital expenditure of investing in physical hardware that depreciates over time. Switch to an operating expense, with all the services you need in a single, preset fee, determined by the exact services you will need to meet your business objectives. Managed cloud service providers work with you to configure services and optimize performance while minimizing costs. They ensure you are matched with the right CAPEX-to-OPEX conversion that will be the most cost-efficient for your needs.

Additionally, the staff required to run a full-time IT department capable of managing your cloud services is expensive and usually unattainable for small to medium-sized businesses with less complicated networks — outsourcing to a managed cloud services provider, like FiberWave, allows you to have an IT department without spending to build an in-house one. We eliminate the time and expense of hiring people with the needed skill sets to maintain the infrastructure.

Performance and Capacity Management

Your network should be able to scale up and provide fast access to your data when needed. For instance, a retailer might have a big product launch or initiative which requires additional support and resources, but reduced support during off-seasons. With onsite servers, managing the hardware and capacity is much harder — if you need additional memory or hard drive space you need to buy it. And install it. And maintain it for years.

With a managed cloud service, your provider can adjust and reconfigure your space as needed for the performance and capacity to meet the demand.

Work with a MCSP to ensure your assets are properly prioritized to meet your business objectives for data capacity access and efficient processes.

Security and Compliance Management

Constant vigilance. Your provider should ensure your data and connections are secure and compliant with industry standards throughout the entire lifecycle. Cloud security is complex, requiring a specific skill set not always available. Partner with a team with the knowledge and needed skills to keep your cloud network secure. Best practices that should be followed include:

  • Perimeter building security
  • Zoned card or biometric access control
  • Zone fire suppression
  • Multi-layered security protocols

For specific industries, like healthcare or financial institutions, working with a strong MCSP lets you stay compliant with all industry regulations, like HIPPA.

Configuration Management

Properly configuring your cloud solution has always been complex, becoming an afterthought for many companies. However, it is critical to prevent disruption. A wise MCSP provides you the expertise needed to your team to ensure your cloud set-up is properly configured to increase your reliability, uptime, and ability to scale.

Partner with a Managed Cloud Services Provider

FiberWave brings the wisdom you need in a managed cloud services provider to ensure your cloud solution meets all your business objectives. Contact us today for more information.