December 10, 2023

6 Reasons Why You Should Use FiberWave’s Telecom Agents

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The age-old question: Why should a company partner with a FiberWave telecom agent when they can simply go directly to a telecom carrier?

It’s an important question to consider — the choice of telecom services and providers can significantly impact a company's operations, bottom line, and future. The allure of dealing directly with carriers seem straightforward, but a closer look will always show that our telecom agents offer unique advantages that allow you to streamline the telecom process and make wiser decisions.

Managing telecommunications is a complex, time-consuming task. Here are 6 ways FiberWave’s telecom agents make it easier:

1. Unlock Expertise and Industry Knowledge

The telecom landscape is constantly evolving with new technologies, services, and pricing structures. For businesses, navigating this complex terrain is like venturing into uncharted waters, where the potential for costly missteps looms large. This is precisely where the expertise of our telecom agents becomes invaluable.

Our agents stay on the cutting edge of these developments. They sift through a multitude of options, technologies, and providers to customize solutions that best serve your business. And, because they work with hundreds of providers, they access an extensive database of experiences across industries, different size businesses, and diverse communication needs. FiberWave agents can provide you with recommendations that aren't just based on current industry standards – they are informed by real-world data we’ve collected working with over 4,000 clients. This vast experience means finding optimal solutions for you that balance cost-effectiveness with performance.

Those who choose to deal directly with a telecom carrier will miss out on the range of choices a FiberWave agent brings. We bring industry knowledge plus a wealth of data based on hundreds of contracts negotiated each month. We guide your business toward the most appropriate telecom solutions, starting from your optimal choice of carrier, and then making sure all other service providers are smoothly compatible with that choice.

2. Time and Resource Savings

Telecommunications management can devour a substantial amount of your internal team's time and energy. Partner with our telecom agents to outsource the distracting burdens of service provider research, contract negotiations, and keeping tabs on multiple providers.

We not only help you make informed decisions but also keep your team's efforts focused on mission-critical activities that drive your business forward in a cost-effective, efficient, and productive manner.

Put another way: instead of holding five leashes, your team just needs to hold one. If you were to go directly to a carrier, your team would need to juggle communicating with multiple vendors, points of contacts, and more. When you work with us, we do all that work for you, acting as your “shield of simplicity.” We talk with well-chosen vendors for you, then come back to you with one quote, instead of five.

3. Cost Savings

FiberWave boasts a distinguished track record of forming strategic partnerships and securing agreements with all the major carriers in the telecom industry. These partnerships are far from symbolic; they serve as a dynamic advantage for your business. Leveraging these well-established relationships, we embark on a mission to secure the most favorable pricing and contract terms from the most appropriate vendors, on your behalf.

Our commitment to cost-effectiveness doesn't stop at negotiations. We are equally dedicated to identifying and seizing cost-saving opportunities. This includes harnessing the benefits of bundled services and taking advantage of special promotions or limited-time offers from carriers.

Going directly to carriers may never yield the same financial benefits due to differences in knowledge, experience, negotiation capability, and market insights.

4. Agnostic guidance

One of the key advantages of working with FiberWave telecom agents is objectivity. WE work in your best interests, not the service providers'. This means you can count on us to provide objective advice on which providers and solutions are the best fit for your company's specific needs, not influenced by service provider incentives.

If you go directly to a carrier, of course, they can only offer you their services. FiberWave can look at all carriers and work with you to identify the one that best solves your problems and meets your business needs.

5. Efficient Vendor Management

The issue of efficient vendor management can be a significant differentiator between going directly to a carrier and enlisting the services of a FiberWave telecom agent. When businesses grow and communication needs become more complex, you might find yourself dealing with multiple telecom service providers. This multilateral engagement can quickly lead to a convoluted vendor management headache.

When businesses opt to deal directly with carriers, they take on the responsibility of managing each service provider individually. The five-leash problem again. Maintaining separate relationships, coordinating services, resolving issues or disputes with each carrier. This fragmented approach places a heavy administrative burden on your company, demanding not only time and resources but also an understanding of each carrier's processes and procedures.

Compare working with FiberWave. Vendor management takes on a different form. Our telecom agents act as a centralized point of contact for all your various service providers. Consolidation simplifies the resolution of issues and concerns: when a problem arises, you just need to contact FiberWave, sparing you the time-suck of liaising with multiple carriers individually.

To sum it up: our telecom agents are equipped to slice through the complexity of vendor management, providing you with a smoother and more efficient experience. This reduces administrative overhead, addresses issues promptly and effectively, contributing to a more seamless and productive telecom service operation.

6. Tech Support and Troubleshooting

We offer a distinct advantage in technical support and troubleshooting. When businesses choose to work directly with carriers, they often encounter a convoluted process to address technical issues. This might involve carrier call centers, transfers to whack-a-mole departments, next-available-operator purgatory with scratchy trumpet music, and (eventually) a time-consuming issue resolution process.

The FiberWave direct and expedient route to technical issue resolution? One phone number, no music on hold.

We act as your dedicated point of contact, streamline the process, coordinate service activations, manage service outages, and troubleshoot technical challenges. Leverage our industry expertise and carrier connections to ensure disruptions are minimized, and technical issues are swiftly and effectively resolved. This approach reduces downtime and potential productivity losses, offering you a hassle-free path to maintaining seamless telecom operations.

Utilizing FiberWave as your telecom agent: a game-changer for your business

Collaborate with FiberWave, and you can focus on what you do best while enjoying the benefits of streamlined, cost-reducing, customized telecom solutions that align with your unique needs and objectives. Call us.