February 25, 2022

Upgrade Your POTS lines and consolidate analog voice and specialty lines

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Join the digital revolution: upgrade your POTS lines and move your analog voice, alarms, point-of-sale terminals and more to the cloud today! You’ll be able to simplify management, reduce costs, AND get peace of mind from reliable new technologies that will improve your ability to monitor connections and performance, and minimize downtime.

Why convert legacy POTS lines to IP today?

The FCC has issued Order 10-72A1 that mandates all POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines in the US be replaced with digital service by August 2, 2022, which will phase out legacy copper lines.

With the long-overdue retirement of POTS looming, expect to see expenses skyrocket. If you ignore the change, you’ll face some costly challenges.

Don’t wait any longer. Many life-saving emergency communications run on these legacy analog lines, like fire alarms, elevators, and security systems.

Graphic showing how old POTS lines technologies worked and why a dedicated connection to PSTN was needed
For the longest time, technology was unable to replace these lines, as they required dedicated connections. But now, new technology has solved that problem.

Transform your POTS-connected machines. Move them to the cloud

Harness new technology that uses enterprise-grade appliances to convert traditional analog landline signals to Internet Protocol (IP), delivering a Voice over IP (VoIP) internet connection. In simple terms, it provides VoIP internet connections for both your legacy analog wirelines as well as your specialty data lines such as fax, alarm lines, elevators, point-of-sale terminals, and more.

The new enterprise-grade appliances allow you to consolidate voice and network traffic. Instead of having multiple dedicated lines connected to the Public Switched Telephone Network, like one for your voice, one of point-of-sale transactions, one for your emergency call box, etc., up to 8 lines can plug into a single device that converts the analog signals to digital.

Do it now, before the deadline, and you’ll reduce costs and simplify telecom management.

Graphic showing what new technologies can do for POTS lines and how up to 8 voice and specialty lines can be routed through new devices

A cloud-based replacement for traditional phone and specialty POTS lines

  • Consolidates voice and data to reduce expenses and simplify management
  • Converts traditional landlines to IP using an existing broadband connection
  • Provides peace of mind through monitoring of connections and performance
  • Minimizes downtime associated with hard-to-service POTS lines
  • Offers wireless backup in case of outages

Applications you can manage with new cloud based POTS lines replacements:

  • Voice services
  • Fax transmission
  • Burglar and fire alarm transmission
  • One number dialer line
  • Elevator
  • Emergency call box
  • Gate access

There’s more! Consolidate your analog voice and specialty lines and you’ll get:

  • Support for specialty data lines: New enterprise-grade appliances connect security and fire alarms, elevators, emergency boxes, faxes, and more
  • Wireless capable: Automatic LTE failover to avoid disruptions
  • Internal battery: Most appliances support over 12-hour battery backups so you can worry less about outages
  • Phone features: Basic calling features including auto attendant, voicemail, music on hold, call forward and handling ­­– all standard now

Which cloud-based replacement for Plain Old Telephone Service is best for you?

With telecom providers all retiring cooper lines in accordance with the FCC mandate, you have a lot of options to choose from. But which one is right for you? FiberWave works with all the major providers and give you agnostic guidance to choose a best-for-you package.

Talk to a FiberWave specialist today — the deadline to replace your specialty POTS lines is coming, and costs are already rising.