May 10, 2022

Why Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Can’t Give You All The Answers

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Never has being an IT leader been so difficult. Technology is disrupting businesses faster than ever. To stay on the cutting edge, you must be able to digest technical concepts, develop strong technical teams, and manage dozens of vendors all at the same time. Then add in the critical skill of presenting the budget business case for technical services in non-technical terms for C-Suite leadership who often view their corporate infrastructure like simple home networks. To sum up, these are high-pressure roles with little room for mistakes.

Which is why it can be all too easy to use tools from places like Gartner to point at and say “they say it’s the best, so it will work for us.”

Image showing IT team high fiving each other when problem solving

Magic Quadrants Are Missing One Key Component — IT Wisdom

Gartner offers technology expertise, sure, and rankings to help point you in the right direction. But it’s missing a more intimate and personalized approach that IT procurement and technology transformation requires. It’s not just about tech expertise, but the wisdom to put that expertise to its best possible use for you.

IT wisdom takes the time to not only understand the broad organization needing services, but to take the time to fully understand the critical success factors and dependencies from the perspective of the IT director, CTO, CIO, Manager, etc.

Put simply, rankings and reports can offer a getting starting point. But to arrive at the best-for-you solution, you need the wisdom to go deeper into these reports to understand how these solutions really truly impact your organization.

For instance, SD-WAN is an emerging technology that is often a valid replacement for traditional MPLS networks. But, before deciding that this is the right path for your organization, let’s learn more about what your team is comfortable supporting — and what you may need to outsource. We need to also discuss business application policies and how this new network design will handle those requirements. Finally — what are the security implications? Are you prepared to support a multi-vendor SD-WAN environment which will have more moving parts than your traditional MPLS?

IT Wisdom Gives You All The Answers You Need to Make Smart IT Decisions

When IT leaders work with FiberWave, they get what they can’t from Gartner reports — a true partnership and understanding of the critical success factors needed for IT project success. FiberWave brings IT wisdom and empathy to every relationship, carefully listening, asking smart questions to understand the daily operational challenges you’ll face. The solutions we bring will be best-for-you — solving your unique problems in a way that sets you up for success.

Ready for a different, wiser relationship with your technology issues? We are here, listening.